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and now, the moment you’ve all been dreading waiting for

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sunstreakerlovethyself replied to your post: Okay quick question. There’s over 1000…

Did you want people to submit to this blog?

Actually would prefer you submit it to my personal <3 but, actually, I’ve started making a blog Self Service Station if you’d like to submit any ideas or ways you’d like to see the blog ran I’d love to hear what you all have to say!

Okay quick question.

There’s over 1000 followers on this account and I’m a bit disappointed to see it so………..


I’m honestly considering making my own because I don’t want JT getting all cranky with me (that’d probably be the only reason she’d talk to me) for starting this back up b/c I quit because she didn’t like me giving my opinion and siding with followers on some things.

So, the question is, if I make a different tf porn blog, would anyone care to follow it or anything of the sort? I think it’d be good for a fresh start anyways, since the askbox is currently clogged with requests. 

Send me your asks or anything relating to my personal chromiaa and I can answer questions or anything like that if you’d want.

Hello, this is the old and (used to be far more active on answering requests admin TC/Maddy) and I have this account as a side on one of my other accounts.

It would seem that JT is accidentally reblogging things here again, so I’m going to delete those, but I’m not sure if I should get back on here and work on this blog again. I just happened to stumble across all the requests in my ask box when I logged in.

I suppose you guys can request I come back, but the other admin and I had a fall out (as in she stopped talking to me)

But, yes! Going to fix that accidental post thing. 



haha oops heres some more

could you guess i like sandwiches 8)

/cries and screams at the beauty

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I got half way through drawing this and thought “this viewpoint is pretty terrible, you can’t even see what’s happening” but I carried on anyway. Part of my likes it and the other thinks the colouring’s fairly terrible. 

Meg’s eating Teeb’s valve out because that’s what you do when you give someone a promotion in the decepticons?? I’m thinking about drawing a similar thing again but in a different pose/position because why not 

Bonus Teeb’s sketch because I PUT A LOT OF WORK INTO HIM and Meg’s is just there blocking all my hard work fuck 

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Bumblebee’s horny

I’m sorry

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Finally! This took me long enough! Commission for the lovely musashi-loves-robots who wanted dratchet porn! 

I think this is my first time in like two years actually drawing robots doing it, so things may be a bit off, but not too much I hope! 

Happy fluff porn because it’s cute <3 (full preview since tumblr seems to be a bit stupid and it’s a little fuzzy not in full preview?)

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I’m sorry I don’t know aaah

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Bow ba-dow bow alien sex

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I was going to wait till you’d finished all of your exams inushiek, But I remember having 4 exams on one day while I was at Uni (none of which were nearly as hard as yours- I did anthropology) and I know you’d probably need the cheering up.

He’s not Optimus 2.0 (He didn’t fit on the piece of paper I sketched on), But I hope you like him all the same.

Oh and to any Optimuses (Optimi?) out there. I’m so sorry, please don’t stare disapprovingly at me.

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Ignore me, just another crap attempt at some Megatron. >3>;

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son i have some news for you

boy do we have some news for him

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Bounce bounce uwu”’

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Ok so it's not a very smutty fic but I was wondering if you knew the fic about Jazz/Prowl where Jazz is a undercover agent and Prowl is a criminal that only kills other criminals. Jazz is assigned to catch him. They end up falling for each other even though Jazz knows who he is. Idk I've been looking for it forever and it bugs me that I haven't been able to find it cause it's one of my favorites and you've got lots of followers so maybe you can help??

Hmm, well I can’t think of  what it is off the top of my head. (I don’t read much JazzxProwl)

But maybe one of my followers can help you c:

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